We owe much of the Festival's success to the hundreds of generous and dedicated volunteers thanks to their selfless contributions, time and efforts.

If you would like to volunteer and help us out at Daley Plaza between August 24-27, 2016 10:00 AM-6:00 PM, you can e-mail us at volunteer@chicagoturkishfestival.org or you can fill out the form below. The festival runs between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM daily. The volunteer shifts start at 9:30 AM and end at 6:00 PM. Both half-day (9:30AM - 2PM or 1:30PM - 6PM) and full day (9:30AM - 6PM) shifts are available. Let us know if you could also help us during the set-up all day on Tuesday, August 23rd and for take-down after 6:00 PM on Saturday, August 27th.

The Festival Committee will provide full-day volunteers with a festival t-shirt, lunch-ticket, and transportation compensation for bus/train fare (provided that a valid bus/train ticket is presented).

Please state the dates and hours best suiting your schedule, as well as all your contact information. Thank you.

Please fill out all fields,

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Rumeli Fort and Mehmet the Conqueror Bridge
over the Bosphorus